5 Expeditions to Make 2022 Epic!

Researching remote locations, accommodation and extensive weatherproof kit lists can leave you feeling out of practice, possibly overwhelmed, choosing between all the beautiful and remote places in the world to visit. Well never fear, we’ve put together a list of some of our most sought-after, pioneering expeditions and unbeatable itineraries for 2022.

Our aim is to make the most exceptional trips, the ones you write home about, as effortless and enjoyable as possible for you. So much so, that you can focus on enjoying the experience and feeling truly present in the moment. Sit back, and tuck into our top five:

The Epic Madagascian Peak to Sea

Did you know Madagascar is known as the world’s eighth continent and the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean? It plays host to so much wildlife, this African island is an adventurer’s dream, from its dense forests and uncharted rivers to its brooding granite peaks. 

Here you can taste it all on this epic trekking and rafting adventure. The aim of this epic expedition is to cross the African island of Madagascar from peak to sea, and with flora and fauna so dense, who knows what you will discover in the process. 

You’re in safe hands, as our team leader who will guide you through thick forests, accompany you summiting the mountainous regions, and navigate you across wild rivers. 

Live with Pygmy Communities

Have you heard of Pygmy Communities? Africa, specifically the Republic of Congo, plays host to the communities of Congolese pygmies living a unique lifestyle, far removed from the modern world. 

The aim of this expedition is to travel to live harmoniously with the tribe, for a short period of time, to gain an understanding of their unique culture and way of life whilst living.

The community is known to move to hunting and fishing camps when needed, and this is a hands-on experience to understand and contribute to their world. Here you will better understand the intrinsic relationship Pygmies have with their local environment.

Transverse the Land of Fire and Ice: Kamchatka

​​Would you believe us if we said you could spend an incredible fortnight trekking Russia’s eastern coast with bears and volcanoes? The rugged 1200km-long Kamchatka Peninsula is a pristine example of wilderness in the absence of man. 

Its geographical proximity to the U.S shrouded it in Soviet secrets; secured territory forbidden to everyone aside from Russian military personnel up until 1991. Bears outnumber locals, while Eurasia’s highest active volcanoes keep the night skies alive. 

Take on an unforgettable challenge, and set out on an epic trekking expedition into the land of fire and ice. This expedition is no walk in the park, this is one of our 360’ higher grade challenges, and an incredibly rewarding experience.

Paddle to Panasia: Papua New Guinea 

Fan of long stretches of open water, exotic island life and pristine coral reefs? For spirited adventurers with the energy to paddle through long days, this sea kayaking expedition promises the ultimate rewards of isolated island existence.

Scarclessly touched in the remote geographical location, this scattering of volcanic islands supported by crystal blue water is home to Melanesian communities, who maintain a subsistence economy and seafaring heritage. 

Fall in love with both ocean and land, as you; paddle with a teammate on two person sea kayaks, exploring the rich biodiversity of volcanic and coral islands, encountering marine and island wildlife, all the while supporting a sustainable tourism initiative for islanders.

Ride into the Altai: Mongolia

Feel the nomadic life is for you? Supported by local horses and riding a combination of woodland trails, mountain meadows and untracked steps – this is a fantasy come true for many adventurers – to ​​witness the stark scenic beauty of Mongolia’s National Parks.

Adopting the traditional way of life on this wilderness journey, you’ll develop your riding skills, covering varied and challenging terrain in the company of experienced Kazakh Eagle Hunters. By night, you’ll combine rustic wild camps with overnights at nomadic encampments. 

To conclude a successful journey, the expedition will end with a celebration at the Sagsai Eagle Festival to see first hand over 6,000 years of Kazakh culture and eagle hunting skills. A once in a lifetime experience!