an ode to team mentality

For those juggling an adventurous life with the demands of a full time job, a busy family life or with just a small time window on offer, settling on a plan with which to maximise your time away can be tricky at best. You’re not content checking off the same bucket list as everyone else, you’ve got bigger ambitions, but with so many options on the table where do you start? And that’s before you’ve even had a chance to check your plan is a) as appealing to your partners in adventure as it is for you and b) even lines up with their available time window.

That’s why Secret Compass team expeditions exist. We get together small teams of like minded individuals seeking the same thing because we think it’s the best way to maximise adventure. Below are 5 reasons why team expeditions are the best type of adventures along with some of our favourite team photos.

1. You’ll Meet Like-Minded People

By the nature of Secret Compass expeditions, they attract a particular mindset, people who meet a challenge head on, see the funny side when things go pear shaped and will look out for their fellow teammates when it counts. But that’s not to say they’re all similar people. Our teammates come from all corners of the world and they engage with an experience so far removed from their daily lives for all sorts of reasons but ultimately they share one commonality. They crave adventure.

2. Together You’ll Achieve More

On expedition, you’ll be faced with new and unfamiliar challenges. You’ll experience new environments and exert yourself more than you might be used to. Working as a team, you’ll be able to help each other out when you need it most. You can share your strengths, make lighter work of the challenges ahead and ultimately by working together for a common goal, you’ll achieve more.

3. You’ll Have Better Photos

Ok, hear us out. When you get home and your flicking through the photos of your epic solo adventure. Where’s the proof that you were actually there, doing it? Travelling with a team means candid photo opportunities aplenty and there’s usually at least one teammate with a particularly sharp eye for composing the frame, which means when you get home and share the tales of your latest adventure, your stories will be complete with breathtaking images of you and the team right there.

4. You’ll Look out for Each Other

Things can and will go wrong, and when they do you’ll be glad to have a strong and well bonded team around you. When the going gets tough, the team’s collective sense of humour to lighten the mood; when you puncture your sleeping mat only to realise you forgot your repair kit, you’ll be glad of the team’s generosity and when the suffering starts as you make a final push for the summit, you’ll be thankful of the team’s energy.

5. You’ll Have Partners in Adventure for Life

It’s one of the most common lines we hear from our returned teammates. The opportunity to meet, travel with and share unique experiences with like-minded people is the same reason we have the same faces return year on year. And Secret Compass expeditions we can say with confidence are responsible for creating lifetime friendships.

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