seafaring adventure in the Faroe Islands

7 days

There are currently no planned departures for this adventure, however we can offer a private group trip, contact us for a quote.

Experience the raw and natural beauty of the Faroe Islands. Towering out of northern seas between Iceland and Norway, this mysterious cluster of rock is home to the highest basalt sea cliffs in the world. Although life adopts a slower pace in the archipelago’s sleepy settlements, where small communities retain tangible elements of Viking history, the island’s extreme landscapes are an adrenaline-pumping playground. Feel alive as you sail, climb and hike your way around these sparsely-populated lands, with only sheep, puffins, and other seabirds to keep you company.


Secluded and ocean-bound, the fantastical landscapes of the Faroe Islands have evaded the average bucket-list. Now, thanks to a few locals, the spectacular scenery is a backdrop for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Testing your nerves and grit, you’ll climb, abseil, hike, wild camp and sail your way around the islands.

Guided by enthusiastic adrenaline junkies just like you, you’ll experience the wild nature and unspoiled beauty of the islands first hand. Complemented by the curious culture and traditions of the Faroese; everyday’s an adventure here.


  • Sail the Faroe Islands.
  • Climb sea stacks.
  • Rappel off sea cliffs.
  • Hike the island’s mountains.
  • Seek out puffin colonies.
  • Wild camp at Lake Fjallavatn.
  • Enjoy a ‘Heimablídni’ dining experience with local Faroese people.
  • Follow in the handholds of the North Face Athletes.


The Activity

Whether you’re an advanced climber who’s always hanging off ropes and rock somewhere or your a complete beginner seeking some heart-racing activities in an astounding nation of natural beauty, this adventure can cater for all levels of activities.

Using a sailing boat, you’ll explore the harsh shoreline, and get a glimpse into Faroese life so synonymous with their Norse ancestry. From hiking three mountains (historic property of the Faroese prime minister) to scaling sea stacks for face-to-face encounters with puffin colonies; this is a unique, action-packed activity break that wraps adrenaline, natural wonders and centuries old traditions into one epic adventure.

The Faroe Islands

Although officially belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands have their own government and flag. The 18 islands rise out of the water between the Norwegian and North Atlantic seas, north of the British Isles. Subject to the wild weather conditions that come with occupying such sea-bound territory, the islands are characterised by gigantic basalt walls and sea stacks, verdant countryside and farmland, fairytale waterfalls cascading into the ocean and turf-roofed houses – the lasting legacy of Viking ingenuity.

The towns and villages are largely fishing and farming communities, and the quality of ingredients available has prompted an explosion of refined dining experiences in recent years. Due to the expense and necessary permits and permissions, adventure-style holidays have been all but unavailable. Secret Compass are proud to be working with our local providers on an exclusive basis to grow adventure tourism in the region and develop responsible practices for doing so.

Your Guides

A local rewarded by the Faroese tourist board for his innovative ideas to bring adventurers to these islands, our guide and his team are certified climbing and rappelling instructors. They’ve grown to understand the terrain over their years of herding sheep, hunting for hares, bird’s eggs and sky fishing; activities carried out by many members of the community throughout the island’s history.

Backed by their unrivalled hiking and climbing experience, with numerous first ascents on climbing projects both here and abroad, your guides are capable of leading everything from simple scrambles to the most technical rock routes the cliffs have to offer. Granted, the weather and nature make it an unpredictable place, but with their knowledge and experience there’s no one better in the world to explore the Faroe Islands with.

Is this Adventure for You?

This adventure has an activity rating of Moderate to Challenging. The Faroese are hardy people, life isn’t easy here, and you should be prepared for the untamed nature of these islands and the often wet, wild, and windy weather. Although there are options to suit all levels of climbing and abseiling ability, we recommend you are a fit and active individual with a regular fitness routine.

Adventure by Design

Get in touch to receive the Travel Brief and discover our recommended itinerary, before adapting it to your match your group size, availability and travel preferences. In addition, there are a number of options and extensions available to take your adventure to the next level.

Speak to one of our Adventure Experts today for more information on general departures, and fully customised adventures designed with you in mind.

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