cycle the Arctic Circle

11 days

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Fatbike the frozen lands of the Arctic on this one-of-a-kind winter trail ride to connect the Russell Glacier with the western coast of the world’s biggest island; Greenland. Traversing the full length of The Arctic Circle trail, this 200km journey pairs larger than than life landscapes with hand-built fat tyre mountain bikes – a match made in heavenly hinterlands! An Arctic Circle adventure without equal, this is your chance to experience Greenland’s greatest forces of nature by bike, from calving glacier faces to the supernatural show of the Northern lights.


What’s the most epic way to conquer supersize scenery? With supersize tyres! You’ll set out on your state-of-the-art fatbike to cycle from the Russell Glacier to the west coast of Greenland. A 200km journey from start to finish, you’ll follow the famed Arctic Circle trail, a backcountry route connecting the transport hub of Kangerlussuaq with the coastal Sisimiut, Greenland’s second largest town.

A winter trail ride on an epic scale, the otherworldly frozen landscape will set the scene for your journey of discovery. Covering up to 60km on the toughest day to cross a fjord before traversing flat frozen plains and rocky outcrops encrusted in snow and ice, you’ll relish the challenge each day’s activity brings to reach the next hut – a cosy respite from the elements. Escape the overbearing clutter and clamour of life at home, and embrace the unadulterated freedom and silence as you pedal, with nothing but the crunch of tyres on snow to accompany your thoughts.



  • Ride the Arctic Circle by fatbike.
  • From glacier to coast – cycle 200km.
  • Witness the gigantic Russell Glacier.
  • Experience the wildlife and community of Kangerlussuaq.
  • Cross frozen lakes and fjords.
  • Bed down in cosy cottages overnight.
  • Keep your fingers crossed you’ll be treated to the most enchanting light show on earth – The Northern lights!
  • Finish your journey in Sisimiut.
  • Take a boat ride to explore eerie fields of towering floating ice.
  • Discover more of the fauna on a winter safari.

The Activity

For those infatuated by bikes, you’re Swiss-made steed will undoubtedly bring out your ultimate bike geek. Never has a fat tyre looked more at home than on the vast expanse of Greenlandic ice and snow. These high-quality bikes are designed specifically for the cold, winter environment, and will allow you to cover the ground efficiently and with relative ease. With a choice of routes, at the hardest level you can expect to cover up 60km a day, with a couple of testing climbs punctuating far-reaching flat plains and frozen lakes.

Greenland – The Arctic Circle Trail

The Arctic Circle trail is a 160 km backcountry trail stretching between Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut on the coast of western Greenland. Favoured among trekking groups in the short summer season, when the snow and ice all but disappears, the trail is much quieter during the winter. Barren yet bewitching, the white desert of ice and snow stretches all the way to the coast, where the colourful houses of Sisimiut line the ice-bound coastline. Greenlandic life here is at the mercy of the natural forces at work, but you’ll be surprised by the urban atmosphere of this remote yet lively town.

Your Guides

Where there is nothing, you must be prepared for everything! Our certified Swiss MTB guides have over 25 years experience leading unforgettable trail rides, and along with the local Greenland team, are fully prepared for the challenges of this remote journey. You’ll be in good company, as the head guide will share his deep understanding and extensive knowledge of the natural landscape as your pedal across the tundra. You’ll be accompanied by snowmobiles and dog-sleds where necessary, providing food and water – there’s no place to stock up on supplies on the Arctic Circle Trail!

Is this Adventure for You?

This adventure has an activity rating of Medium. At this level, we recommend you are an active individual with a good level of fitness, as the environment is remote and challenging. There are flexible options to change the pace and daily itinerary of this journey to meet your experience levels, but the far-reaching flat trails make this adventure suitable to anyone with endurance and a positive attitude. The toughest aspect will be the extreme temperatures and long days in the saddle.

The accommodation on the trail takes the form of huts, which provide basic amenities and shelter from the elements. Snowmobiles will transport supplies from one hut to the next, with the option of pop-up camps too. While the hotel in Kangerlussuaq is basic, Sisimiut has a range of comfortable and charming hotels to choose from.

Adventure by Design

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