horseback adventure in Argentina

Nov- Mar
8 days

There are currently no planned departures for this adventure, however we can offer a private group trip, contact us for a quote.

The Argentinian peaks and rolling grasslands of Patagonia appear empty, yet the solitude of the steppe is broken by fertile, self-sufficient ‘estancias’ worked by South America’s original cowboys; the gauchos. This is your chance to experience the inimitable way of life in one of the world’s most renowned wilderness regions. Escape the tyranny of your inbox to immerse yourself in the realities of gaucho existence, and experience the working daily life of these legendary wanderers of the wild on a multi-day horseback adventure in Argentina.

Argentina Gaucho fishing catch and release

Located far beyond where the road ends, this off-grid estancia is completely self-sufficient, accessed only by mule or on horseback. Like a well-oiled machine, it bursts into life each day, with horses, livestock, gardens and guests to look after! From riding and fishing to farming and blacksmithing; you’ll get involved in estancia-based activities, breaking during the hottest parts of the day for a well-earned siesta.

For those itching to experience what lays at the edge of the estancia boundary, there are options to embark on an exploratory pack trip into the remote volcanic foothills on the border with Chile. On this self-sufficient journey, you’ll ride through hills, valleys and grasslands each day to wild camp beneath the stars, and share fireside anecdotes each night.


  • Develop or learn new skills on a working estancia.
  • Experience the unstaged daily life of a gaucho.
  • Learn to ride or improve horsemanship skills.
  • Practice river fishing – gaucho style.
  • Help the experts at the sawmill, leather workshop or forge.
  • Explore the vast estancia on foot and horseback.
  • Prepare for an extended pack trip (on horseback).
  • Carry out perimeter inspections at the estancia’s edge.
  • Wild camp in the foothills of the Andes.
  • Learn to load and work with mules.
  • Look out for condors riding the thermals from Cerro Negro’s summit.
  • Enjoy delicious organic food straight from the estancia gardens.

The Activity

Learn to ride a horse or improve your existing levels of horsemanship in this incredible riding playground. Different mounts are available to suit each rider’s proficiency, and lessons and tips will come from the gauchos and estancia staff. The riding and tack are ‘gaucho’ style, so even experienced riders can prepare to learn something new!

You’ll set out from the estancia each day, or for the more adventurous, you’ll set out on a mule-supported multi-day pack trip to explore the volcanic foothills of the Andes. Other estancia-based skills and activities are on offer for less-experienced or non-riders, from slow days spent fishing, observing or assisting at the forge, the sawmill or the leather workshop, learning about permaculture and organic farming, with assistance on building always welcome.


Patagonia has long held the imagination of armchair and actual explorers – fuelled in no small part by that classic of modern travel writing, Bruce Chatwin’s ‘In Patagonia.’ Our in-country leader recommends anyone who hasn’t read it to bring it with you to enjoy once you’ve been in Patagonia for while (perhaps a treat for the flight home).

This immersive adventure will transport you to the northern reaches of Patagonia to the region’s fertile inner plains. Bordered by the snow-capped peaks of the Andes this remote wilderness will reveal the characteristics – and characters – of rural, hardworking Argentina.

Your Guides

Although the beauty of the landscape will captivate you, it will be the people of the estancia that will make your adventure truly one to remember. Masters of working in harmony with their environment, the team of gauchos, skilled horsemen and women, gardeners, chefs, blacksmiths, and builders will welcome you into their world with open arms. From helping you develop horsemanship skills, to guiding you out on rides from the estancia, you’ll be supported in each activity while having the freedom and space you yearn for.

Is this Adventure for You?

This adventure has an activity rating of Active to Challenging, depending on what activities you’d like to roll into your own unique adventure. Participating in the estancia’s activities requires a can-do attitude, but don’t forget hard work is always rewarded with a siesta in these parts. Indeed, a relaxed afternoon with book punctuated by a spot of river fishing is not out of the question!

To complete a multi-day horse trek in this region and explore the best of what it has to offer, we recommend you are a fit and active individual with a consistent fitness routine, able to pitch in and spend long days in the saddle. There are flexible options to change the pace and daily itinerary of this adventure to meet your experience levels, but this adventure is suitable for anyone who wants to experience Argentina as a gaucho, albeit only for a short while.

A beautiful lodge awaits you. Idyllic and comfortable, it will be your accommodation for the majority of your stay. For those who embark on multi-day horse treks, you’ll set up tents, eating and listening to tales of the wild around a crackling fire.

Adventure by Design

Get in touch to receive the Travel Brief to discover our recommended itinerary, before adapting it to your match your group size, availability and travel preferences. In addition, there are a number of options and extensions available to take your adventure to the next level.

Speak to one of our Adventure Experts today for more information on private adventures designed with you in mind or group departures.

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