survival in the Scottish Isles

5 days

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From Arran to Skye to the last rocky reaches of the Outer Hebrides; the bonnie isles of Scotland’s west coast are prime adventure territory. Raw, rugged and remote, the volatile seas, dramatic coastline and high mountains are enough to test even the most experienced outdoorsmen and women. Marooned far from home comfort, as much a test of mental strength and trust in personal instincts as it is physical capability, this is one of the UK’s toughest coastal survival training camps. Do you have what it takes?


At the mercy of your environment, stripped of all modern comforts and technology, and cast away on an island; this is outdoor survival training on Scotland’s western isles. Exposed to the wild seas and desolation of this rugged coastline, you’ll learn to survive with only bare-bones supplies for a genuine ‘castaway’ experience. You’ll be provided you with a tarpaulin for shelter, a basic survival kit, minimal food rations, the rest you’ll have to salvage, hunt, catch and cook for yourself.

Covering a range of essential skills for coastal survival, courses ranging from novice to advanced, you’ll be transported far from a world of luxury and instant gratification to reignite your primal being. A highly experienced and qualified instructor will provide advice and support, with castaways left in pairs or as individuals. While there’ll be no let up as you complete the necessary daily tasks to sustain life’s most basic needs, you’ll soon be seduced by the beauty of this secluded corner of Scotland – dolphin-spotting by day and sleeping under the stars each night.


  • Take on the one of the toughest UK coastal survival courses.
  • Understand the survival principles and your kit.
  • Learn seamanship and knots & rope skills.
  • Learn camp craft and fire-building for cooking and warmth.
  • Forage, catch and hunt for food.
  • Practice food preparation, cooking and preserving.
  • Build and maintain shelter.
  • Identify dangers, mitigate risk and practice rescue signalling.
  • Maintain body temperature, hydration, fitness and a resilient mindset.
  • Enjoy stargazing on a remote island.
  • Look out for dolphins, porpoises, and whales.


The Activity

Could you survive on an island for five days? This is your chance to learn the skills and put them to use in a real castaway scenario. Each activity of the day will be focussed solely around sustaining your basic needs. From collecting and purifying water, foraging and catching food, building and maintaining shelter; you’ll need to put all your energy into staying in good health. Tough yet rewarding, this is your opportunity to pitch yourself against the elements and challenge your primal being in Scotland’s wilderness.


A secret location in Scotland’s rugged west coast archipelago will set the scene for your adventure. Here, you’ll be forced to find solace within the barren landscape as this is home for the coming days. At the mercy of the weather, with the bare minimum, you’ll carve out an existence, while the evident juxtaposition of desolation and beauty are relentless. Once you’ve proven your worth in the wild, there’s always a boat trip, a castle visit or a distillery tour along with dram of whisky or three to bring you firmly back to reality.


Your Guides

Able to thrive in even the most hostile environments, the course guides are ex-military professionals. With over a century of experience teaching bushcraft and wilderness survival skills between them and days in the UK Special Forces behind them, their extensive knowledge of the natural environment will support you through every stage of the adventure.

Is this Adventure for You?

This adventure has an activity rating of Active to Moderate. At this level, we recommend you are an active individual with an energetic and proactive attitude, able to commit to the physical tasks you’ll need to carry out on a daily basis.

There are flexible options to change the pace and daily itinerary of this adventure to meet your experience levels, but this adventure will be suitable to anyone with good fitness, a positive attitude and love of the outdoors.

You’ll need to be prepared to wave goodbye to your home comforts, disconnect from all things digital and embrace modest shelter for the duration of your island stay. 

Adventure by Design

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