the Adaptive Grand Slam crew take to Welsh waters

The notorious Adventure Grand Slam is the culmination of summiting the highest peak on each of the seven continents and walking unsupported to the geographic North and South Poles. A feat which only eleven have achieved. The evolving Adaptive Grand Slam team will become the first team of disabled adventures to complete this challenge.

But now, it’s more than just the peaks and the poles. The folks behind the Adaptive Grand Slam are expanding their portfolio of adventure opportunities for disabled people and in doing so, they’ve teamed up with Secret Compass. In November 2017, a team will be undertaking an unsupported rafting expedition in Sierra Leone. The following is a snapshot of the training weekend in Wales in preparation for this.

Adaptive Grand Slam Team

This evolving team of organisers and adventures are are ex-servicemen, civilian members of the disabled community, professional mountaineers and expedition leaders and our supporters. In achieving their aim the AGS team are unique in that they have to rely on alternative ways and means of completing the challenge with their various disabilities.

“Through our endeavours we can demonstrate that one can still achieve great things. If one has support, drive and determination, a debilitating injury should not stop you from reaching your goals,” said Martin Hewitt, AGS Team Leader.

To date, AGS team members have reached the North Pole unsupported and have successfully summited Mt Denali, Mt Elbrus, Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Aconcagua. In completing the Adaptive Grand Slam the team will set four world records in becoming:

  • The first disabled team to walk unsupported to the Geographic North Pole
  • The first disabled team to walk unsupported to the Geographic South Pole
  • The first  disabled team to climb the seven summits
  • The first disabled team to complete the Grand Slam

You can find out more about the Adaptive Grand Slam and keep up with their progress on their website, here.