Alpine Skills on Georgia'a Mount Kazbek with Secret Compass and Phil de Beger


Georgia: a 5000m+ summit

Photography by @Secret_compass

Learn Alpine Skills in the Georgian Caucasus

Georgia’s Caucasus mountains await the arrival of intrepid travellers this year and are the perfect place to learn Alpine skills in an expeditionary setting.

The Adventure Academy

The Secret Compass Adventure Academy’s raison d’etre is to get more people out into extraordinary locations, to learn new adventure skills in incredible locations. Georgia’s Caucasus mountains, including Mount Kazbek – the region’s second highest volcanic peak after Mount Elbrus – are an ideal training ground. This expedition, led by renowned mountaineer and expert leader Phil de Beger, will introduce or finesse your knowledge of Alpine skills such as the use of crampons and ice axes and of route, group safety and avalanche awareness.

Georgia, climbing up to the churches on route Mt Kazbek

Georgian Culture

Georgia’s culture combines Turkish, Persian and Russian influences. Its cultural heritage includes intricate churches, chapels and fortresses which dot the lower slopes of the Caucasus.

Snow line on Mt Kazbek

Alpine ascent

The terrain approaching the higher reaches of Mount Kazbek is the ideal outdoor classroom in which to learn about safe glacial travel and crevasse rescue. Navigation and route selection skills will also be introduced and practised.

Religious buildings, Georgia
The top of Mt. Kazbek

Alpine academics

The pace of this Adventure Academy expedition will be relatively slow, with real-life scenarios to deal with en route to the summit of Mount Kazbek. Rather than just being led by a guide, this means that you’ll come away not just with potentially your first 5000m+ peak under your belt (conditions permitting of course) but with new skills and the confidence to perhaps think about planning your own above-the-snow-line adventures in the future.

If keen to join an expedition with Secret Compass, discover all of our expeditions from the ‘Epics’ to the ‘Cultural Immersion’ and the ‘Adventure Academy’ endeavours below. If keen on Georgia this year, read more and get in touch with your questions or get a no-obligation Application Form in today! Happy learning, adventurers…