your first step

A good teammate looks on the bright side when the 4 x 4 breaks down, the rain comes early and when the meal is distinctly pedestrian. Our teammates help each other, look out for and encourage each other. Our expedition teams have done us proud in working together to achieve their common goal; the aim of the expedition. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right expedition company.

How to join an expedition team

Once you’ve found an expedition you’re interested in, get in touch and we’ll send you a detailed handbook for you to read at your leisure.  We’ll then contact you to discuss your needs and whether the expedition is a good fit for you. We’ll then ask you to pay a deposit to secure your place. Once booked we’ll send you your MYSC account log in, kit list, training guide, kit discounts and visa advice. You’ll also be contacted by your expedition leader and be put in touch with your expedition team members.

We keep our expedition teams small so we can provide a truly personal service.

Who is a typical expedition member?

There really is no typical expedition team member, though everyone needs to be fit, healthy and ready to take on the expedition’s aim by the time of departure. Participants range from 21 to 65+ in age and come from all over the world. Backgrounds include contract workers, engineers, IT specialists and students, teachers and literature lovers, journalists, keen photographers and so many more.

What bonds our pioneering teams is their shared spirit of adventure, their sense of humour and positive outlook.

Does this sound like you? Take a look at the expeditions you can join.