Secret Compass Brands Hero image Jagermeister 2016 Norway Ice Cold Gig


create the extraordinary

Secret Compass delivers epic shoots for brands and agencies in the world’s wildest places helping you to create the extraordinary. Visit our dedicated Secret Compass Brands site.

Secret Compass and Jagermeister in Greenland



Secret Compass provides a creative landscape to help conceptualise or shape your ground-breaking ideas. Get expert advice about the where, the when, the ‘Is this really possible?’


Our pedigree in the expedition and TV world means that if you want to do something crazy somewhere wild, we have the experience and know-how to make it happen.


We put together a specialised, high-end media production team to imaginatively capture the essence of your extraordinary brand.

Secret Compass and Nespresso in South Sudan



You have a brief, an idea or a concept. It has adventure written all over it. You want to go bold, to be ambitious, but haven’t quite got it figured out yet. We meet, we collaborate and we use our extensive global experience to develop your initial idea into something big.


We have the concept nailed. It is epic. Next: how to make it happen. With our track record in staging the craziest projects in the world’s wildest places, we’ll design a bomb-proof plan and figure out how to shoot it.


Down to the nitty gritty. We use our military-grade management skills to bring all stakeholders together to smoothly execute the master plan; on budget and on time, every time.


It’s all over… yet has only just begun. Our unique ability to pull in post-production expertise enables us to mix up the magic to create your perfectly polished piece of media glory.

Secret Compass and Sony ActionCam in Afghanistan


Visit Secret Compass Brands

Visit our dedicated brands and branded content site now then contact us to discuss the enviably ambitious project you’ve got in mind. We’ve worked with household names like Mitsubishi, Sony, Nespresso and Jagermeister and collaborated with world-class agencies such as Edelman and Golley Slater. Let Secret Compass Brands and BASE Films help you achieve the extraordinary for your brand this year.


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