We have enabled shoots in every environment on earth, from the two Poles through to remote deserts, mountains and jungles. Our DNA is in running pioneering expeditions through the most remote areas on the planet.


The jungle is an unforgiving environment, and we have decades of experience within the team helping people film successfully in remote jungles.

  • Queens – Filming bonobos in remote parts of the DRC over multiple shoots living in the jungle for extended durations.
  • Kings of the Jungle with Ed Stafford – Managing inexperienced cast, crew and contributors,  in Belize. This show involved working with children.
  • Children of the Darien Gap – a current affairs shoot following migrants across the Darien Gap for Al Jazeera, Particularly challenging due to trying to operate in the jungle, as well as considering the complex and challenging security situation. Similar shoots for CNN and German TV.
  • Extreme Tribe: The Last Pygmies – Supporting a crew living and filming with a remote tribe for 3 months in the Republic of Congo..

The mountains are full of hazards and a particularly dangerous environment to film. We have pushed the envelope to help create some ground breaking TV.

  • The Ascent: We enabled the team filming Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell climbing the Devil’s Thumb in Alaska.
  • 7 Toughest days with Dwayne Fields – Provided winter mountain safety to Dwayne and crew in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Multiple Series of Expeditions with Steve Backshall – including Greenland and Kyrgyzstan.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of remoteness of operating in polar regions. In addition to working at both poles, we have extensive experience across Antarctica and the US, Canadian, Greenland and Russian Arctic.

  • Welcome to Earth with Will Smith – Shoots in mainland Antarctica.
  • Race to the Pole with Ben Fogle – Filming on the continent
  • Secrets of the Penguins – Oversaw complex planning and logistics for dive shoot filming penguins in Atka Bay. 
  • Bertie Gregory: Animals up Close – Dive and medical support on boats operating off the Peninsular.
  • Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold – Support in Greenland. 

The harsh, unforgiving heat of the desert can be extremely challenging to film in. We have a pedigree of forging new routes through remote deserts.

  • Walking the Nile – Filming with Levison Wood. 
  • Crossing of the Bayuda Desert in Sudan on multiple Secret Compass expeditions 
  • Rituals – Filming with the Tuareg in Niger. 
  • The first crossing of Iran’s Dasht-e Lut desert in eastern Iran.
  • Exploration of Emi Koussi in north west Chad and supporting filming natural history in eastern Chad

We have supported exploratory river trips over many years and have experience of bold first descents within the team.

  • Expeditions with Steve Backshall – Running rivers in Bhutan, Kamchatka, Gabon and Suriname. 
  • First raft descent of river in Madagascar as part of exploratory expedition.
  • First commercial descent of the Murchison Falls stretch of Nile in Uganda.
  • Packraft exploration and first descents of jungle rivers including the Moa River in Sierra Leone and Dji Dji in Gabon.

We have managed a wide range of shoots in hostile environments and operate regularly in places like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, North Africa and managing narco / cartel focused shoots in Central and South America. We have also deployed people to support news in places like Ukraine, Israel and Libya.

Our difference is that we provide realistic, contextual advice that is specific not just to your shoot, but to individual sequences. We understand these environments and we understand how you work within them. We are also very cognizant of the importance of getting the right profile when selecting security advisors. As a result our security advice is highly respected by networks, including BBC, Apple, C4, Netflix and Disney. 

  • I’m not a Monster – Award-winning BBC Panorama in Syria.
  • In Her Hands Netflix show, shot in Afghanistan.
  • Inside the Real Narcos – Cartel focused documentary with Jason Fox for C4/Netflix, shot in Peru, Colombia and Mexico.
  • Bin Laden – The Road to 9/11 – Documentary interviewing some of those closest to Bin Laden, and how he became the man behind 9/11
  • Numerous migrant crossings of the Darien Gap with networks including CNN and Al Jazeera.

We are able to advise productions on kit procurement and have a wide range of kit and equipment available to rent to support shoots in all these environments, just let us know what you are doing and we will see how we can help!


With a network of outstanding consultants, we can provide specialist Health & Safety support to ensure your shoot is HSE compliant.