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Adventure is the brunt of a tropical storm, a blister the size of your fist and digging deep to unzip the tent at 4am. It’s crossing deserts, hacking through jungles and connecting with others. It is discovery. It’ll have you shaking with fear, exploding with laughter and offer you a sideways look at the world.

Secret Compass was born of adrenaline and exploration. We pledged to experience the places no one knew about, the countries you struggle to spell and those which raise an eyebrow over dinner. We don’t want to read about them, we want to feel them for ourselves. We want to make up our own minds and to be part of the story ourselves.

Navigating our way through the remote wilds of this earth is how we made our name. Forging new routes, claiming first ascents and experiencing daily life so far removed from our own. But it’s always the people we remember and the interactions that define the adventure.

Stripped back of the modern day trappings, adventure is how we unplug and we invite you to do the same. Step away from routine, and from comfort. Unplug  and come with us.


Team Expeditions

Our Team Expeditions are focused around working together to achieve an ambitious objective. We remove you from the noise of everyday, strip back to the essentials and gain fresh perspective through the lens of adventure.

Our team expeditions are focused around four different approaches:

Epic Expeditions

Bold and ambitious, these are our flagship expeditions. Trailblazing expeditions which are unique, challenging and full of reward, they epitomise our spirit and secure our name within adventure.

Adventure Academy

Forget the confines of a classroom. With genuine expedition objectives at the core, the Secret Compass Adventure Academy equips you with the knowledge and skills vital for independent adventure in unfamiliar environments.

Cultural Immersion

Adventure is more than geographical exploration; our culturally immersive expeditions connect with some of the most isolated and fascinating communities around the world. Embedded into their everyday lives, you’ll experience a way of life a million miles from your own.

Classics Redefined

Some adventure classics are simply too good to ignore, these we’ve galvanised for a fresh perspective. Developing new ideas, we take a trailblazing approach to classic objectives. You’ll be familiar with the locations but you won’t have seen expeditions like these.


Drawing on decades spent pouring over maps and navigating untamed wilderness, we’ve curated the ultimate adventure experiences in partnership with our trusted local guides. Delivered directly by our local teams on the ground, there’s no minimum numbers and no set departure date. This is bona fide adventure and it’s in your hands.

Bespoke Expeditions

Give us a basis for adventure and we’ll make it happen. We design, develop and deliver imaginative, bold adventures anywhere on the planet explicitly to suit you.

TV and Film

We also provide security and risk management, safety, location management and medical consultancy to the Film and TV industry. We have delivered creative solutions to channels including Discovery, BBC, CH4 and Nat Geo. Visit the dedicated Secret Compass TV site for more information and to see our recent credits.

Brand Projects

Secret Compass also delivers ground-breaking projects for brands in the world’s wildest places. We have worked with iconic brands including Sony, Mitsubishi, Jaegermeister, Nespresso, Xbox and Giro to create epic branded content that has reached millions online and in print. Visit Secret Compass Brand Projects online for more.

Contact Us

If you’d like more information about our ethos and approach or would just like to get to know us in advance of joining a team or commissioning a project, contact Secret Compass today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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