A unique trip to facilitate some father-daughter time in the Scottish highlands.  This trip was designed to push the team members to their limits whilst training them in survival skills and cross country navigation.



The aim of the project was to deliver an interesting, engaging and fun experience for our client’s daughter as an insight for a potential Africa experience in future.  Our client wanted his daughter to learn survival skills, cross country navigating and to have an unforgettable experience.



The team arrive in Inverness and travel to Alladale.  They receive training in approach/camouflage techniques before lunch.

In the evening we ran a map reading and orienteering exercise – navigating cross country through the Estate.

The next day we ran a survival-in-the-field course, covering an Introduction to survival and priorities, water, making fire, shelter building, edible plants, butchering and preparing small game.

The next day we took the team on a helicopter ride sightseeing tour, which suddenly encountered problems and was forced to land.  The pilot explained that they were overloaded and needed to drop the team off in order to get back safely. They were then left in the middle of nowhere, having to navigate and survive on their way back to Alladale with nothing but a water bottle and knife.

On successful completion of their survival mission, the team spent a day at the lodge before returning to Inverness.

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