six reasons why

Looking to step out of your comfort zone with an adventure capable of changing the way you look at the world? Well, exploring the remote Louisiade Archipelago of Papua New Guinea by sea kayak could be the ticket to exactly that. And, while the photos from last year’s expedition team do speak for themselves, below are six reasons why exploring this remote island chain is the perfect adventure!

For more information about our Papua New Guinea sea kayaking expedition, you can find the expedition detail page here, or to apply, you’ll find our online application form here.

You’ll Develop New Skills

If you’ve already got a foot in the game or if it’s your first time on open water, this expedition is the perfect opportunity to develop new paddling skills.

While kayaking up to 20km a day is no breeze, with the support of experienced sea kayaking guides and full days to do so, making the most of this sea kayaking adventure is achievable by anyone with a healthy lifestyle, a good level of general fitness and a determination to see you through the highs and lows of an expedition. And, if sea kayaking is new to you, we think the chances of getting hooked after this Papua New Guinea experience are pretty high.

You’ll Engage with Remote Communities and Promote Sustainable Tourism

The Melanesian people of these South Pacific islands are among the friendliest we’ve ever met on expedition. With visitors to these communities so few and far between, you can expect to be met with a wide grin and a bunch of fresh local produce to trade for fishing gear and other supplies.

The history of these communities is steeped in trade and as travelling visitors, we’ll be exchanging goods throughout the islands as we go. This low-impact approach will not only help individual families but by sharing out our supplies and paying for small souvenirs such as wood carvings and shell jewellery, we offer an alternative income to the lucrative but environmentally devastating practice of shark finning which is becoming increasingly popular in the area.

You’ll Sleep on Wild and Remote Beaches

When was the last time you slept on the sand and under the stars? With waves gently lapping onto the shoreline, the light rustling of the palm leaves in the wind behind you juxtaposed against the omnium of colours as weather systems clash in distant skies, there’s something incredibly liberating about setting up your bed where the land meets the sea. For us, sleeping on the beach is something to embrace at every given opportunity and with more 300 islands in the Louisiade Archipelago, there’s no greater opportunity to embrace slumber on the sand.

You’ll Explore Volcanic and Coral Islands Above and Beneath the Surface

Where roads and pre-determined hiking routes end, this expedition is just getting started. The Louisiade Archipelago is a remote island chain scattered across 160km between the Solomon and Coral Seas and inflatable sea kayaks are the ideal craft to navigate this diverse and thriving ecosystem. Transferring the strength in your arms through the blade of your paddle is a fantastically efficient and low impact way to travel and while there’s plenty of room to stuff all your kit for the duration of the adventure, these kayaks won’t allow you to over pack. Ideal for a minimalist supported expedition, while remaining tough and manoeuvrable.

Just off shore, these islands are surrounded by shallow reefs which boast world-class snorkelling, so make sure to keep something in the tank to explore beneath the surface after a long day’s paddle.

You’ll Tap into Nature and Source Your Own Food

Spending day in day out fully immersed in this natural world, foraging, fishing or trading for and preparing your daily meals is the perfect way to connect with your environment as you make your way across this archipelago. With the team equipped with fishing gear you’ll be able to fish as you travel with plenty of opportunity to feed you and your team from the fruits of the sea. As you connect with various communities along the way the team will also be trading food and supplies, embracing the subsistence lifestyle of the locals. Chances are you won’t be able to look at the supermarket shelves back home in quite the same way ever again.

You’ll Redefine Your Limits

Challenges are only beyond reach until you reach them. For many, the idea of kayaking across deep open water for nine days will seem like a step to far, but pushing your limits will redefine how you live your entire life. New paddling skills, connecting with communities so far removed from your own, covering huge distances under your own physical ability, self-supported as you fend for yourself. Returning teammates from Secret Compass expeditions are often filled with a newly found confidence and smile they struggle to hide.

For more information about our Papua New Guinea sea kayaking expedition, you can find the expedition detail page here, or to apply, you’ll find our online application form here.

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