Secret Compass medics on expedition in training


how it works at Secret Compass

Secret Compass sometimes takes medics on its expeditions to the world’s wildest places. Whilst we are not currently recruiting, you may find the information below useful if you are considering this type of work.

Medics as assistant leaders

For many of our expeditions we employ medics as assistant leaders, rather than just medics as all of our experienced expedition leaders have the required first-aid or wilderness first-aid qualifications to be able to lead teams to the destinations we visit. In our medics, we are therefore looking for people with considerable expedition medicine experience alongside personal or commercial outdoor leadership experience and qualifications.

Outdoor leadership experience is essential

To reiterate, we get many applications in from incredibly well qualified doctors, but it’s the expedition medicine experience and outdoor leadership experience and qualifications that make medics stand out for us. Not all companies have such stringent criteria for their expedition medics, so you may well have joy elsewhere.

Secret Compass medics on expedition in training
Footcare in Egypt's Sinai desert

Shadowing the expedition medic

We get many requests from junior doctors or those with limited or no expedition medicine experience asking if they can shadow our expedition medic. The quick answer is no – you can join as a straightforward team member and watch the medic should they need to deal with anything during the course of an expedition but there is no ‘arrangement’, discount available or responsibility involved for any medic who wants to join a team as a standard team member and wants to see what an exped medic gets up to. It would purely be something you did of your own accord and you would of course be welcome to do this, we’d love to have you on a team.

Time frames

Due to the considerable number of medic requests we get sent – and the size of our team – we may not be able to respond to all enquiries (especially those who are unsuccessful at this stage). However, we will do our best as it’s always nice to talk to new people interested in the destinations we explore. Thanks for reading this and for your interest in joining Secret Compass as a medic, if not now then in the future.

Expedition medic (c) Dain Zaffke
Expedition medic ensuring saftey amongst members in Ethiopia

The Adventure Medic

Many of our enquiries concerning medic positions come through from The Adventure Medic and are often from highly qualified candidates with years of relevant experience. We will often keep their CVs on file in our medic database for future reference.

Their News section has up-to-date information on everything from industry rules and regulations to pieces of interest to anyone interested in remote expeditions, wilderness adventures and related events.