Amazing scenery of North Korean national park


Inside the Secret State

Photography by Tom McShane, Secret Compass

Why go to North Korea?

Elusive North Korea has long held a sense of mystery. Its seclusion from the rest of the world has attracted the attentions of many adventurous travellers, determined to find out more about the culture, heritage and remote national parks of this unique state.

For those keen to understand North Korea, Secret Compass has put together a varied adventure itinerary that combines exploration with adventure, for those keen to unwrap the secrets of this country while taking on a expeditionary trekking challenge.

Iconic statues of north korea
North Korean soilder

Explore North Korea with with a small group

The aim of Secret Compass’s expeditions to North Korea (in spring and autumn) is to explore two of the country’s national parks. Their peaks include Mount Myohyang (the Mysterious Fragrant Mountain) and Mount Kumgang, both under the protection of UNESCO. The Secret Compass team will be aim to spend one night camping as part of this expedition, a practically unheard of activity in this country.

North Korean trek, team member smiles as he climbs up mount Myohyang

As part of the more culture-focused section of the expedition, Secret Compass teammates will visit the country’s statues and monumental architecture; immerse themselves in local cultural activities; and try North Korean cuisine.

Secret Compass team mates pose for the camera on north Korean hike

A day in the life of a visitor

Take a sneak peak of what you, as a visitor to North Korea, might expect to see in this short film of the capital, Pyongyang. On the Secret Compass trip – accompanied by North Korean guides – you might see nursery children performing music in your honour, marvel at the intricate traditional dress of villagers, enjoy traditional North Korean cuisine or visit heritage sites such as the Mansu Hill Grand monument.

Join the next team

Find out more about Secret Compass’s Team Expeditions for the year ahead, or complete our no-obligation Application Form online if keen to join the North Korea expedition team yourself. Any questions? Contact us via email or on +44 207 096 8428 today.

North korean women in traditional dress putting on a performance with guitars and an accordion
North Korean train guard (woman) on duty
North Korea, Arc of Triumph
North Korea statue