Introducing Secret Compass Adventures


a new way to travel with Secret Compass

Adrenaline and discovery, awe-inspiring landscapes and mind blowing experiences, pure joy and unadulterated freedom! Without exception, our time in the field has been defined by these concepts, be it exploring the peaks of the Himalayas, the vast steppes of Central Asia, or the depths of the South American rainforests. And it’s to this background we present a new line of Adventures.

We’ve spent years hunting adventure and leading expeditions across the globe and this is where we’ve landed. We’ve discovered the best local teams in the world, whom we are proud to call our partners. With them we’ve curated the definitive collection of adventurous escapism, from island hopping in the South West Pacific by sea kayak to discovering the Alaskan back-country or crossing the Mongolia steppe on horseback.

“We’ve been leading expeditions around the world for seven years now and as such we’ve developed a tight network of trusted teams and qualified guides across the map,” explains Managing Director and Secret Compass Founder Tom Bodkin. “We’re proud to be working with these teams and to offer such an extraordinary range of adventure opportunities in some incredible and diverse locations.”

Explore the Alaskan backcountry by charter flight

An injection of inspiration, Secret Compass Adventures allows you to design your own itinerary in partnership with us. You choose the when, the how and the who, you can then choose to customise the trip as much or as little as you like. If you want wall to wall luxury, we’ll make it happen, or if wild camping and homestays are your thing, just leave it with us. We’ve got the experience and the contacts to transform these experiences into epic extended adventures in line with whatever it is you’re looking to achieve.

We’ll be continuing to run pioneering expeditions around the globe but by offering these Adventures, we hope to make adventure travel more accessible and more flexible.

mountain biking experience in the Himalaya

Adventure is defined by freedom. A reminder that we hold the reins. Freedom to escape the every day, freedom to explore boundaries and push the envelope. Freedom to go our own way. It’s a notion which should be reflected in how we plan adventure too. Freedom to decide the what, where and how.

So What are You Waiting For? Discover Your Next Adventure Here.