Who holidays in Iraq?

you could: climb Kurdistan's highest peak

Photography by Secret Compass

“Who in their right mind goes on holiday to Iraq?” Well, at Secret Compass we think that Iraq (the Iraqi Kurdistan region to be precise) is a top spot for those seeking real adventure and that those in their right minds are particularly likely to enjoy this expedition.

Our expeditions to Iraqi Kurdistan are always over-subscribed and will get you and your teammates beyond the headlines and out on the ground in a country that often finds itself in the news for the wrong reasons. Want to see for yourself what the Kurdistan region and its famously hospitable locals are actually like?


Visit Iraqi Kurdistan in spring

If you’ve exhausted your local mountain trekking routes (perhaps the Rockies or the Alps) and are keen to explore further afield, look no further than Iraqi Kurdistan with Secret Compass. The expedition film above reveals what happens on the Secret Compass expedition to Iraqi Kurdistan and might inspire you to crank the adventure up a notch this spring on one of our two trekking expeditions. Prepare to don the crampons and dust off the ice axes (provided by Secret Compass) on this epic above-the-snowline exploration of Kurdistan’s Zagros mountains. Who holidays in Iraq? You do.

Travel insurance for Iraqi Kurdistan

Secret Compass’s Get Ready section has loads of advice, tips and recommendations if you’re considering kit for expeditions, flights or travel insurance for  unusual regions. Visit the Travel Insurance section to get a quote for this expedition and perhaps see you on the team one spring…