2019 Guidance

How to get your PAWGI CWG-SA Certificate

On completion of the course, you and your instructors will fill out your assessment form which will then be scanned and emailed to PAWGI.

Once back home you will need to register your submission in order to complete the process and receive your certificate from PAWGI.

To do this, please visit: https://www.pawgi.org/certification/ and fill out the form using the guidance notes below:

  • PAWGI Pro ID: Leave blank, it will be issued when you submit the form
  • Certification status: Active
  • Current level: None (With exception of students that have completed CAG prior to course)
  • Level sought: CWG – SA (With exception of students that have completed CAG prior to course, who should select CWG)
  • Contact info: Your details which PAWGI can use to reach you
  • Fill out medical info as indicated
  • Certifying Instructor ID: 101180
  • Certifying Instructor Name: Alex Bigwood
  • Comments: “Secret Compass Jungle Guides 2019 Course, Fee Prepaid by Instructor”
  • Fees: Your fees have already been paid, select the drop down button which states “bill certifying Instructor”.

Once submitted, a PAWGI volunteer will process your application, contact you if further information is required and then begin issuing certifications by email.

Please note: As described in “THE COURSE” tab, this course takes an accelerated route to progress directly to a CWG-SA qualification (Certified Wilderness Guide – Central and South America), qualified to lead overnight and multi-day land expeditions in any tropical/jungle area of Central and South America.  If you want to remove the “SA” restriction or advance further through the PAWGI framework then completion of the Certified Assistant Guide (CAG) course is required as per PAWGI regulations.  Please see “THE COURSE” tab for further details.

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