Risk Management

When it comes to making ambitious, memorable TV and film, there’s usually an element of risk. Filming penguins perched on the Antarctic shelf or bonobos in the Congolese jungle. Surfing with Chris Hemsworth in the Norwegian Arctic or 4×4 expeditions across the Sahara. We help your favourite shows pull off the impossible.

Whatever the project and whatever the goal, we make sure risk is handled responsibly, so you can concentrate on making great TV. As risk management experts, we work with you to identify and understand risk whilst guiding you and your stakeholders through control measures for your unique needs. Our in-depth risk analysis and management expertise will protect your people, your project, and your budget.


Risks are assessed through a detailed process of analysis – clear and simple recommendations are provided to greatly reduce the likelihood of an incident, and the severity, should anything occur.

  •  Location consultancy and feasibility studies.
  • ‘First look’ workshops to identify key risks and resources needed.
  • Production and safety risk assessments.


Following the risk assessment, we provide comprehensive medical, communication and contingency plans. We run an operations room, providing routine and emergency support to crews on the ground.

  •  Safety, medical, communication and incident management plans.
  • Safety advice.
  • High risk/ hostile environment risk management.


We have a global network of expert consultants to help you manage the safety plans and to assess risk on the ground.

  • Safety advisors.
  • Specialist environments (jungle guides, mountain guides, white water guides, desert guides, Arctic/ Antarctic guiding, maritime operations).
  • Security consultants.
  • Specialist, multi-skilled remote medics, including doctors and paramedics.
  • Specialist skills (rope access, diving etc.).