a fat biking expedition in Greenland

Photography by Judith Von Prockl

Earlier this year, just days before the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a Secret Compass led expedition returned from the Arctic Trail in Greenland. The expedition saw a team from Her Planet Earth become the first team of women to connect the Russell Glacier in the Qeqqata municipality in central-western Greenland, with the western coast of the world’s biggest island, by bike.

Amongst the team was Judith Von Prockl who took some stunning shots of the journey. You may have seen some of her shots already in the article, Trails of Snow Ice and Rock. Now she shares some of her favourite image highlights from the trip.

Our local guide Krister testing the ice on the frozen lake. The super moon completes this picture perfect Artic night.

Our trails across the lake leading up to the night’s abode. The lake camp was full and Krister’s mum graciously put all of us up in her beautiful hut. The epitome of the Danish “hygge”.

Krister’s mother’s hut – our cosy accommodation for the night and a perfect vantage point over the last leg of our trail across the fjord.

Our expedition leader Paul impresses the team with his mountain bike skills!

Mushing is the mode of transport powered by dogs. In Greenland, mushers and their dogs were the only other traffic we saw on the Arctic Trail.

Unfortunately, this was about the closest we got to see the Northern Green Lights all week.

The sunset reflected in the vast snow-covered landscape. At times it was hard to stop taking pictures, despite the frozen fingers!

Good morning Eqaulgeamiarfik camp! From here we were greeted with blue skies, sunshine and a long and steep hill ahead.

Beautiful Greenland dogs, geared up and ready to go mushing.

Dog sledding in Greenland is still the most traditional way of transportation during the winter

Dog mushers we encountered along the trail.