what's it really like to work as a porter on the world's tallest mountain?

Every year we’re flooded with stories from the 8000m+ peaks, from successful expeditions and the ill-fated. By what about the individuals who form the backbone of each one of those expeditions? Being a Porter on Everest has to be one of the toughest jobs on the planet, and yet it’s one that is so often taken for granted.

Immersing himself totally in the job, US born Nate Menninger is one of the first ever foreign Porters to work on Everest, offering a candid and eye-opening insight into what it’s like to work on the world’s tallest mountain. While his aims were to shine a light on the poor pay and tough working conditions, this is an inside look at another of the darker sides of commercial expeditions on Everest, documenting the strength, pride and pain of those who support it, as the film documents the injustice placed upon this community.