While operating in the far off corners of this planet – be that with film crews or expedition teams – is what we’ve become known for, from time-to-time, we put our hand to challenging, high-risk projects closer to home. So when Danny MacAskill wanted to scale a 100m wind turbine to ride across its blade, the safety and rigging job had our name written all over it.

The project was designed to raise awareness about the climate crisis ahead of COP26 (the United Nations climate change conference) held in Glasgow in November 2021.

For this project with Silverback Films, Secret Compass was in charge of safety and risk management as well as being responsible for rigging up safety lines for Danny and the crew to operate safely on the turbine. Thanks to Figure NineNomad Risk and Mountain Addiction.

Check out the video below for the final product, or here for the behind the scenes edit.