expedition debrief

We hope you’ve just returned from an unforgettable adventure, with memories you’ll reflect on for many years to come!

Now, we know the feeling. You’ve been confronted by civilisation once again. You daren’t open your rucksack for fear of death by soggy, damp and smelly expedition gear. Maybe the weight of your overflowing work email inbox is already creeping into your conscience, and the temptation to throw in the towel for good and retreat back into the wilderness is all too real.

But, before you tackle the task of societal integration, why not indulge in your memories of your adventure and share them with us?

We’d be extremely grateful if you could take this moment to leave us a review of your experience. Our small team work tirelessly to deliver the most epic expeditions to transform your annual leave into a real adventure; your opinion matters!


To better understand what we’re doing right and where we can improve, we’d love to hear how you felt the expedition went. The form below will help you express your thoughts on the various elements of the expedition, from pre-departure organisation through to its delivery on the ground. As we’re not often present on the expeditions themselves, hearing your thoughts is of great value, and gives us the opportunity to refine the experience, as well as letting other, potential team members understand exactly what they’re getting themselves in to! For this reason, we may use feedback internally, shared with our partners and leaders to drive improvement, or as a quote on our website and social channels.

Share your Thoughts with the World!

At Secret Compass, we don’t churn out the same textbook itineraries 5 times a year. Each team departure is often exclusive annual adventure. As such, we value each and every teammate who chooses to join us on expedition. Your thoughts could make or break the decision for new teammates, and so if you can muster a few words that capture your experience with us, we’d be thrilled if you could share them with the world.

You can leave us a review on Google, Facebook or even better, Trustpilot, using the button below.

Tell Your Story

The Compass, is a story-hungry beast and we’d love to feature your tales, expedition reports, images or ‘top tips’ for future teammates. If there’s something you’re keen to write or share, just get in touch and we’ll get that ball rolling. You should also now have access to a shared DropBox folder where you can share you favourite snaps from the expedition.

Where next?

Many thanks for submitting your feedback and we’ll look forward to seeing you on another Secret Compass expedition soon. Now it’s up to you… where next?

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