Work as an expedition leader with Secret Compass


// Adventure Sales Consultant – at SCHQ

Secret Compass are recruiting a passionate adventure-lover to guide our team members through all stages of their expedition experience, developing and maintaining a personal relationship with them throughout and delivering consistently excellent standards of customer care.

Further details and how to apply can be found here. Applications close 9 April.


// Operations Assistant – at SCHQ

Secret Compass are recruiting for a dynamic Operations Assistant to support the project management team responsible for delivering the full range of expeditions and projects across Secret Compass, Secret Compass TV, Everest in the Alps, BASE Films and BASE Magazine.

This role has now closed to new applications. All candidates are being reviewed and will be contacted shortly.

// Information for leaders

Secret Compass recruits leaders and project staff on a contract-by-contract basis. We do not recruit medics. We are always looking to build our database of expedition professionals to call upon for short-term contracts, generally of two to six weeks. Remuneration will be dependent on experience. Secret Compass needs leaders with significant experience leading groups of adults in remote, challenging and often hostile terrain. We are a small team and so are not able to advise on getting into the industry, though our Journal (The Compass) is full of useful insight and advice on this front.

Leaders are required to:

  • Research, plan and write expedition plans.
  • Write Risk Assessments.
  • Develop medical and evacuation plans for extremely remote locations.
  • Plan budgets.
  • On occasions, recce new areas.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with in country contacts.
  • Liaise with local officials, NGOs, companies.
  • Be responsible for all aspects of leadership and management on remote expeditions such as:
  • Liaising, employing and managing local staff/contractors.
  • Organising and coordinating all administration.
  • Control of expedition budget.
  • Liaising with local institutions (NGO’s, Government Agencies).
  • Leadership and management of expedition team.
  • Risk assessment and safety management.
  • Contingency, incident and emergency management.
  • Responsible for all decisions made during the expedition.
  • Production of post-expedition reports (PXRs) and accounts.

You’ll probably have…

  • A history of proven expedition leadership experience in challenging situations.
  • Experience of leading adult groups.
  • Developed new expeditions in remote locations worldwide, either commercially or independently.
  • Proven budget management skills.
  • An in-depth working knowledge of risk and safety management.
  • Wilderness Medic qualifications.
  • Professional qualifications (e.g. Mountain Leader); preferred but not required.

To join our Expedition Leader Database, please email your CV and if suitable we will add you to our database. We are a very small team so you might not get a response to your submission.

We no longer recruit expedition medics.


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