Laboratory Manager / Senior Laboratory Technician

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Secret Compass TV are expanding their range of services in support of the international TV and Film production industries. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, SCTV are opening a COVID-19 screening laboratory in Bristol and recruiting an experienced Laboratory Manager to lead the team of technicians and drive success in this new venture. Whilst initially this role is Bristol-based, there is potential for future opportunities for work across the UK and abroad.



You will be part of a small team of bench scientists running assays screening for SARS-COV-2 in human biological specimens. Scientists will work, often independently, to prepare samples e.g. human nasopharyngeal swabs, extract RNA, and run RT-LAMP with a validated COVID-19 method.

This senior role will be required to manage the laboratory including staffing, monitoring Health and Safety (H&S) compliance, and inventory management. You will also be expected to actively engage with the wider organisation in developing and streamlining this novel screening program as it progresses. In addition you will be expected to:

// Work in BSL-2 laboratory or in point-of-care settings as required.
// Work with human biological specimens.
// Work with samples which may contain SARS-COV-2.
// Communicate across a fast-paced cross-organisational team.
// Strictly follow standard operating procedures (SOPs).
// Complete independent shift work.


// Responsible for the compliant screening of biological samples assessing the presence of SARS-COV-2, and ensuring adherence by all staff to local SOPs and H&S legislation.
// Participate in recruiting, screening and training of the laboratory team.
// Lead the laboratory team by managing the workflow and shift patterns, ensuring delivery of results within agreed timescale.
// Monitor stock levels for all consumables, ensuring timely ordering of replenishment and financial reporting of expenditures.
// Provide advice and support to non-scientific staff at Secret Compass HQ on developments and suggested improvements to this novel screening program.
// Confirm that samples delivered to the designated assessment area are correctly accounted for on the specimen manifest, quickly communicating any errors.
// Safe removal of specimen transport tubes from packaging according to relevant SOPs, identification and reporting of any compromised or incorrectly labelled samples.
// Correct recording of received samples in LIMS prior to screening.
// Heat inactivation of samples prior to opening according to SOP.
// RNA extraction and RT-LAMP assay according to SOP.
// Recording and reporting of results back to Secret Compass using the relevant IT system.
// To follow all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Risk Assessments as applicable and in which the individual has been trained.
// Timely and accurate completion of all paperwork.
// To adhere to all site Health & Safety policies and procedures, as well as Good Microbiological Laboratory Practice.


// Higher-education degree/diploma in a microbiological subject, or equivalent relevant experience.
// Significant experience working in a BSL-2 standard laboratory.
// Significant experience in handling potentially infectious human biological specimens.
// Significant experience of RNA extraction and PCR assays.
// Significant experience of inventory management.
// Competent in the use of LIMS or other IT platforms that collate, track and report samples.
// Experienced and confident working independently in a relevant laboratory setting.
// Experienced in following SOPs and Risk Assessments.
// Working knowledge of Laboratory Health and Safety and relevant legislation and its practical application.
// Exceptional planning and organisational skills with excellent attention to detail.
// Excellent problem-solving capabilities.
// Capable use of Microsoft Office – e.g., Outlook, Excel, Word.
// Excellent communication skills to be able to work across a fast-paced organisational team, including staff with no scientific background.
// Willingness to work flexible hours (including nights) according to changing client requirements.


// Laboratory management experience.
// Experience of managing staff.
// Experience of running RT-LAMP assays


Please complete this application form and attach a PDF CV. Applications will close on the 2 October at the latest and we reserve the right to close applications before this so please apply promptly.

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